British Standards release new BSI security standards

Security issues are now top of the political, social, economic and business agenda. To help protect an organization’s people, information and assets The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published two new best practice standards for security professionals in all industry sectors and organizations of all sizes. Security-related standards support a practical approach that can help to minimize risks, avoid litigation, reduce insurance premiums and meet regulatory requirements.

Adi-Gardiner to distribute Irisys Tailgate Detector and people counters access control systems

Using IRISYS’ high-accuracy thermal imaging people counting technology, detecting people by their body heat, the IRS 2100 Tailgate Detector offers a significant increase in security for controlled doors. It enforces the use of cards/tokens, which prevents unauthorised access and improves roll-call accuracy.

Liquid Body Armor

Nanotechnology involves designing and producing nanomaterials by controlling their shape and size on the nanoscale. As an indication of the nanoscale's dimensions, a human hair is about 70,000 to 80,000 nanometers thick. Nanotechnology has already brought us improved suntan lotions, better tires and stain-resistant clothes. Soon "liquid armor" using a shear thickening fluid (STF), an application of nanotechnology, could be protecting police officers and soldiers.

Selecta DNA marking kits help residents protect their properties

Residents of an exclusive south London road are aiming to reduce and deter theft in the area by using the latest in DNA marking products to mark their personal property. As part of a police-backed crime reduction initiative, 200 homes in Eltham's exclusive North Park area are to receive SelectaDNA marking kits, supplied by security firm Selectamark.

Smarter DVR Line Provides Covert Security Solution for Protecting Infrastructure Sites From Vandalis

Smarter Security Systems, Ltd. has announced the introduction of SmarterDVR, a unique line of Digital Video Recorders ranging from a basic surveillance package to outdoor systems for covert and remote video applications. SmarterDVR is temperature hardened and weather-proof, and consumes little power, which is important in remote locations.

ID Theft in Health Care Emerging as Major Risk

Health care records are a "treasure trove of information" for identity thieves because they typically contain more detailed personal information on people than could be found in any other business, according to experts who help health care providers avoid identity theft.

OPTIR: the world's most advanced fire detector

False alarms are a serious problem: in 2004, more than 280,000 false alarms were generated by automatic fire detection systems, causing disruption, unnecessary cost and wasting the Fire and Rescue Service's time. System Sensor has addressed the problem, developing an innovative solution based on advanced technology: the new COPTIR is the first multi-criteria fire detector to integrate four independent sensors into a single point fire detector. Extensive testing confirms that this latest development provides a step change in detection technology; it is the first detector specifically optimised to address the false alarm issue whilst also offering a major improvement in response times.